Addressing Children’s Poor Skills and Development


Children are young individuals who need to learn skills and experience developmental milestones to thrive in the real world. For instance, toddlers start developing social skills by interacting with their parents and then with other kids later on. 

However, some children have difficulties with developing skills, and it may cause them problems in their everyday lives. They will either need interventional programs or counseling services in Wheaton, Maryland. Here are some signs you need to watch out for:

  • Poor emotional regulation
    It is normal for toddlers to express their emotions through tantrums because it is part of their developmental milestones. Younger children are not yet capable of understanding and processing emotions. However, when they display consistent poor emotional regulation, such as poor anger management, it is time to seek therapy. 
  • Poor social skills
    It is natural for children to feel shy around other children. Building social skills takes time and effort. Parents should be there to guide them on that journey. However, it can be alarming when a child does not make an effort to build social skills. Therapy services in Wheaton, Maryland,can help identify the root causes of their behavior and arrive at solutions.
  • Poor conflict resolution
    Conflict resolution is a skill that strengthens interpersonal and other forms of relationships. While preschoolers and older do not yet have satisfactory conflict resolution skills, they can do so at a basic level. However, it can be problematic when children engage in fights and arguments with other children. Thankfully, a mental health clinic in Wheaton, Maryland, can help. 

Children are still children. While they need to learn essential skills, adults should take steps to address any problematic concerns. If you need mental health services for your children, contact Devoted Wellness and Counseling Services LLC.


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