How Does Work Stress Affect Relationships


Adults in relationships face obstacles, including work. Some job positions require more working hours or physical effort. As a result, stress accumulates, and mental wellness declines. Sadly, one or both partners with unmanaged work stress can negatively affect the relationship in various ways:

  • Emotional strain
    When work stress is not managed, it can lead to irritability, frequent loss of mood, and reduced capacity to manage emotions. Emotions are vital to enrich a relationship. High levels of stress can impact how we deal with emotional situations in the relationship. Thankfully, visiting a mental health clinic in Wheaton, Maryland, may help. 
  • Lack of availability
    Work stress reduces the amount of quality time and intimacy, which can induce feelings of neglect or distance. Partners who are stressed are more likely to prioritize themselves and ignore the needs of their partner. Feelings of neglect may induce anxiety in the partner who has more availability. 
  • Resentment
    Over time, the partner who receives less time and reciprocity from a partner with work stress can build resentment with them. In addition, the stressed partner can also build resentment over the better half when they don’t understand their work challenges.

Thankfully, work stress is temporary and can be managed with counseling services in Wheaton, Maryland. Couples can undergo couples therapy to solve issues, such as managing work stress and how it affects the relationship. 

If you are having work stress, do not hesitate to seek therapy services in Wheaton, Maryland. We at Devoted Wellness and Counseling Services LLC can help individuals and couples manage work stress to improve their quality of life. Contact us for more details. 


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